‘Together’ 9ct yellow gold and silver pendant


9ct yellow gold ball pendant measures approx. 14mm diameter. The base pendant is silver, you can choose how many elements you want and choose the finish from dropdown menus. Other metals and diamond details can be added on request, please get in touch! 9ct yellow gold chain measures approx. 16″.

Introducing our new ‘Together’ jewellery collection, which has been meticulously designed and crafted in the renowned Designworks Goldsmiths Studio nestled in the heart of Cork City. This collection embodies the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, redefining the boundaries of contemporary jewellery design.

The Together pendant symbolises connection, unity and the beauty of individuality converging to create something extraordinary. Each element represents a unique story, and when combined they form a harmonious whole, reminding us of our interconnected lives. It serves as a powerful reminder that despite challenges and moments of solitude, rekindling our bonds with friends and family, and embracing shared experiences completes us.

The modular design makes this pendant extra special, allowing you to customise your own jewellery based on your own history and personal experience.



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