My Unique Ring is a natural progression in our bespoke design service.
Marrying new technology with traditional Goldsmithing skills, giving you a new and exciting visual experience in real time, on line.
This first sketchbook is a selection of our more popular classic engagement rings.
We look forward to seeing your preferred combination and making your unique ring real and especially for you.
I hope you enjoy the experience.
Kind Regards,

My Unique Ring

Award winning Goldsmith Tuula Harrington has opened her sketchbook and is allowing customers to change her designs in realtime. Dreamers and Clients alike can create their very own unique pieces based on some of Tuula’s most popular designs. Complete freedom to try out different bands, gemstones, metal combinations all live, online.

The Journey

Ring Design

Start by choosing your base model, you will then be taken to the ring design part of the journey.  Here you can choose your band width, details, stone size and many more options.

Metal & Gem Editor

Next, bring your ring to life in the Metal & Gem Editor.  Customise your rings metal options and stone options and watch your ring come to life.


Once you have finished your ring, the price and full description will be displayed. You then have a number of options, you can; Pay a deposit and order your ring, contact and send your design one of our Goldsmiths to discuss your ring, or simply send the details to yourself to show off to friends or discuss with a partner. 

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