Paula O'Callagahan

Platinum ring with 1.42ct black Spinel and diamond shoulders,

Dusk ’til Dawn

As the Irish night unfolds, spinel gemstone jewellery emerges as a beacon of allure and elegance. Its deep, velvety hues, ranging from crimson reds to midnight blues, resonate with the mystique of the evening. Adorning necklines or fingers, spinel’s captivating brilliance catches the ambient glow, echoing the twinkling stars above. Each facet tells a story …

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Tahitian pearl necklace with platinum Mobius diamond clasp

Smoke and Flames

If you’re like us here at Designworks studio then you love pearls too! Tahitian pearls in particular are stunning, especially when paired with the incredible sparkle of diamonds. These exquisite pearls, cultivated in the pristine waters of French Polynesia, are renowned for their mesmerizing array of colors, ranging from deep blacks and grays to iridescent …

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A closer look at our most popular engagement rings

The Irish connection to nature deeply influences its jewellery tradition. Historically, artisans drew inspiration from the lush landscapes, intertwining natural elements into designs. Gold, sourced sparingly from Irish rivers and streams, symbolised prosperity and spiritual significance, shaping intricate Celtic motifs. Each jewellery creation becomes a testament to Ireland’s reverence for nature, weaving its raw materials …

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